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4 Sections - 58 Chapters - 516 Pages - Available in Hardcover, Softcover & E-Book

Stories of Potteries

Get ready to challenge the way you see God. And the way you think He sees you... The book introduces stories of broken potteries in the Bible and strips away the illusions we've created around Biblical heroes and presents them in a realistic light, through tales of pitifully broken potteries. Every pot is precious, broken or not, the Great Potter never wastes His clay! These stories reflect our own life struggles and blessings and reaffirm that the Great Potter remains faithful even if we don't.


Do you feel broken, lost... is your life shattered into a thousand pieces, and you have no idea how to put it all back together? Are you yearning for fresh clay, and a new start? You're not alone. The book explores the twenty secrets of broken potteries for all of us broken containers to reflect on - inviting a spiritual discovery, growth, and healing. God is the Great Potter, and through his loving hands, you will discover the secrets of broken pottery, and the strength he has hidden within all of us.


Immersing in these secrets will assist you in ridding yourself of any false images you may have about God. Potteries are broken through life's labours and painful blows - many because of their traumatizing experiences in legalistic and spiritually abusive church communities. The book discusses the process of restoration - or as much as is possible on this side of eternity. We all wear scars- but so does the Great Potter. His Light radiates through the cracks of your brokenness.

Quotations & Reflections of the Author

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The book challenges you to reflect and re-consider your image of God, the Great Potter, the way you see Him, and the way you think He sees you.

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More about Secrets…

Allow the Great Potter to reveal what He sees when He sees you.  Maybe – you’ve had a wrong impression of Him all along?

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A gift to be received with gratitude and shared with others. It has a nugget of wisdom for everyone.

Grace Masso

Clay Pot

Should be read by everyone. It is a powerful message of hope that will change the way most of us see God. A gift of faith that has the potential to bring hope and joy and love into the human heart.

Christian Sia – Five Stars

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It is my pleasure to recommend the book to every Christian who feels like broken pottery – and who doesn’t? The book is a rich source and an excellent study material for pastoral counselling and Bible schools.

Summarized and Reviewed by Tuomo Läntelä

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The message of this book is powerful; it is one that every person needs to hear, and one that will draw readers closer to God in a journey that is filled with hope.

Romuald Dzemo – Five Stars

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If you are looking for an inspiring book that defines your relationship with God, then Secrets of Broken Pottery is the book you should read. I discovered the God I never knew.

Jose Cornelio

Reviews of the Book

Margaret Lukasik

The book opens the mind for believers to reflect on specific events that shattered their clay pottery and that put them in need of fixing by the Great Potter. To better identify with God’s love, forgiveness, protection and healing, the author pinpoints specific areas of brokenness in the lives of many Bible heroes who God mightily used in spite of the shattering events done to them or that they caused themselves.

Matti Kangasoja – Counsellor of Education

The book compels us to ask about the roots of the spirituality of our own church community and the conditions for enabling healthy and safe spiritual growth!  Indeed, one of McKendrick's main wishes is that the church should not be like a prison.  One prison is legalism, which still holds many Christians chained.  Salvation based on deeds, that is, the Christian's own attempt to earn the approval of the Great Potter by following the customs, prohibitions, or rules set by the church, is far from what Christ meant when he liberated us from the bondage of the law! 

Romuald Dzemo

As one goes from one biblical story to the next, one begins to understand the steadfastness of God’s love and the unfathomable way He espouses us. The message of this book is powerful; it is one that every person needs to hear, and one that will draw readers closer to God in a journey that is filled with hope.

5 Stars by Christian Sia

This is a well-researched and intelligently written book that shows clearly how God sees us; the message is backed by strong biblical arguments. It is the book I should have read a long time ago because there have been those moments I have found myself asking: “My God, why are you so hard on me?”

Review by Divine Zape

The message of this book is pretty simple: no matter how broken and weak, how sinful and domineering, how hollow we feel, and how unworthy we are, God loves us in a place where darkness invades our soul. Secrets of Broken Pottery: Seeing the Great Potter — Being Seen by Him is written in a powerful, compassionate tone that draws the reader completely in, loaded with spiritual lessons that will, undoubtedly, deepen our experience of God.

Grace Masso Review

There are readers who have been misled to see God as a vindictive person who doesn’t tolerate evil, but this book portrays Him as one filled with compassion and whose inscrutable ways lead us with tenderness back to His heart.

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