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Margaret Lukasik

Margaret Lukasik

Author Heidi McKendrick’s new book, Secrets Of Broken Pottery, is like no other.  Her unique presentation for inner conflict brings hope to the broken hearted who either live with the pain of past trauma or they haven’t yet found the breakthrough needed for complete restoration.

Her analogy of equating human brokenness to shattered clay pottery points to the many forms of brokenness people suffer from and reveals the self-denial or cover-ups used to avoid acknowledging them. Heidi approaches this challenging subject with her expert psychotherapy training and experience with people suffering from psychological trauma. What I found unique about the book is that Heidi harmonizes her training with scripture and humbly yields to God, the Great Potter, for complete healing.

The book opens the mind for believers to reflect on specific events that shattered their clay pottery and that put them in need of fixing by the Great Potter. To better identify with God’s love, forgiveness, protection and healing, the author pinpoints specific areas of brokenness in the lives of many Bible heroes who God mightily used in spite of the shattering events done to them or that they caused themselves.

There is so much to learn from Secrets Of Broken Pottery for all believers whether we’re in a season of brokenness or a time of lending ourselves to the needs of others. The lesson most important to me was being aware of the brokenness our decisions or actions can cause others to experience.

We should all reflect upon the Great Potter’s love for us and be ever cautious to keep from breaking the pottery of others with harsh words, deceit, selfishness, anger, jealousy, or any negative action that can be used against others.  I highly recommend Secrets Of Broken Pottery because we’ve all been broken at some time in our lives and we’ve all broken the pottery of others, even if it wasn’t by intention.  I also recommend the dynamic hardback version of this book on Amazon. It’s a beautiful experience that includes images and illustrations that add to Heidi’s message.