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Review by Divine Zape

Review by Divine Zape

Secrets of Broken Pottery: Seeing the Great Potter —Being Seen by Him by Heidi McKendrick explores the relationship between the potter and the clay. The Potter is God, our Creator, and we are the clay. This book redefines our relationship with God and has the potential to shift the way we perceive God and the way we understand how God looks at us. Using the allegory of the potter, the author writes an inspirational message that is grounded in Scriptures, using biblical stories to share the message of God’s compassionate love and care for humanity. This book conveys the powerful message that God loves us unconditionally, and more so when we are broken and utterly vulnerable.

Heidi McKendrick’s book is a treasure trove for anyone who feels broken, inadequate, and forlorn — and aren’t we all feeling that way? In this book, the author demonstrates with biblical stories and soul-stirring examples how God cares about His handiwork and what He does when we are broken — whether by ourselves or someone else, intentionally or unintentionally. The author walks readers through some of the prominent stories in the Bible to show how God cherished His broken pottery. Examples include Job who saw God; Abraham and his dysfunctional dynasty; Hagar who was invisible and voiceless, but seen and heard by God; Leah who felt ugly and unloved; Dina who was raped and coerced into silence; Joseph, who suffered betrayal and became restored; Tamar, the black widow; Elijah, a prophet who was broken under a mountain; the bleeding woman in the Gospel; Mary, the mother of Jesus; and many others.

The author unveils twenty secrets that reveal the powerful ways God holds us in unconditional love. The message of this book is pretty simple: no matter how broken and weak, how sinful and domineering, how hollow we feel, and how unworthy we are, God loves us in a place where darkness invades our soul. Secrets of Broken Pottery: Seeing the Great Potter — Being Seen by Him is written in a powerful, compassionate tone that draws the reader completely in, loaded with spiritual lessons that will, undoubtedly, deepen our experience of God.