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Growing up in a legalistic, performance-focused church community distorted my idea of God, the Great Potter, for three decades. Looking back, it is nothing short of a miracle that I never lost not only the Potter but also the broken pieces of my life that scattered when my clay pottery broke. My broken pottery falling into the Great Potter’s loving hands is why I wrote this book. I want to share the secrets I’ve learned about Him and my position as His pottery.  No pieces of your brokenness are wasted when the Great Potter collects the fragments and takes them to the Potter’s House.

Secrets of Broken Pottery is about broken lives – broken clay pots, and their spiritual healing. Potteries crushed, shattered, cracked, smashed, crumbled, distorted, fractured, and demolished. Ruinations for every imaginable reason. Within these pages you will learn the Great Potter’s plan – how He holds all His clay together. You will learn about His characteristics; His unconditional love, never-ending grace, and faithfulness to the generations. He is always in charge of your restoration and reinstation.

The first part of the book introduces broken potteries, reflecting on the reasons for their hurt. Sometimes we break our pottery ourselves, but often, it is by others either accidentally or intentionally. It can also be a force majeure, something that can happen to anyone, anytime.

The second part tells stories of broken potteries in the Bible. Stripping away the illusions of embellishment created of Biblical heroes and fashioning them in a realistic light as broken potteries, this book reaffirms that the Great Potter remains faithful even if we don’t.  You will meet Abraham’s dysfunctional dynasty¾the invisible and voiceless, raped and silenced, the ugly and unloved. A Black Widow, a Lusting King, and a Royal Outcast. There’s the Weeping Prophet and another smashed under a mountain. See the apostles revealed in a fashion you may not have encountered before. The nameless women with a divine appointment on the Great Potter’s table…, and many others.    These stories reflect us, you and me, our life struggles and blessings. The stories celebrate the Great Potter, the One who broke Himself on our behalf so that we could be whole. Every pot is precious, broken or not, the Great Potter never wastes His clay! We all break but our faith in the Great Potter helps us put the pieces back together…

The third part of The Secrets of Broken Pottery explores the twenty secrets of broken potteries for all of us broken containers to reflect on – inviting a spiritual discovery, growth, and healing. Had I only known these truths in my youth it would have saved my pottery from holding a distorted view of the Great Potter. But better later than never, I guess… I hope that immersing in these secrets will assist you in ridding yourself of any damaging and false images you may have about the Great Potter.

The final part of The Healing of Broken Pottery discusses the process of restoration – or as much as is possible on this side of eternity. As Christians we believe that our tears cannot be completely wiped away until heaven, therefore the healing process continues until then. The final chapter of the book is written for Christian therapists and Pastoral counselors who work with traumatized potteries. This chapter may also be beneficial for those seeking professional therapy.

The main concept of this book conveys the framework of Christian Pastoral Care. It is targeted for Christian potteries broken because of life’s labours and painful blows – many because of their traumatizing experiences in legalistic and spiritually abusive church communities. The message emphasizes the Great Potter’s revulsion of the tarnishing of His name through the abuse perpetrated by so many religious organizations.

This book is not about a prosperity gospel or legalistic performance-focused gospel, and it does not promise that problems and brokenness will disappear if only you have enough faith, or do this and avoid that. Instead, this book is about the Great Potter, our Redeemer, who wants a relationship with His vessels of clay. Secrets of Broken Pottery – finding the blessings and spiritual growth in our brokenness.

The book challenges you to reflect and re-consider your image of God, the Great Potter, the way you see Him, and the way you think He sees you. As broken pottery, you are not only perfectly safe and loved in the Great Potter’s hands, but also cherished. You are loved with the divine love that surrounds your clay pottery inside and out. You are His most beautiful and precious pottery!

I hope you will claim for yourself the following truth:

  • Even if I am marred or broken and destroyed, the Great Potter will start all over again¾He will make something new.
  • He will launch a good process, and He will never give up on me – He will see it to the end.
  • None of my broken pieces go wasted.
  • There is strength in broken pottery…


I wish you the most therapeutic and beautiful process on the Great Potter’s table! I hope you will be fully integrated with His unconditional and unfailing love and never-ending grace!